MCS Dev Resources

MCS Dev Resources

We build clean and modern HTML templates for developers, startups, and larger business, facilitating them to build and ship their products faster.



Industronix is a multi author markdown website template that can be used for engineering, industrial, etc company website, with very limited coding knowledge, without installing any resource consuming Content Management System (CMS). This theme allows you to build a full featured and working website in no time, using markdown files for your news posts. Industronix is based on Tailwind CSS framework and it's easy to use flexbox grid. It features a solid set of reusable components that are designed to fit as many purposes as possible. They are also easy to customize and to combine with others. Some of the features include: A contact page with a contact formAn about page for the companyMarkdown based contentIndividual pages for each piece of industry or area.Fast performanceResponsive Design (mobile, tablet, desktop)

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